Public meeting tonight at 6:30PM on plans for Lincoln Park Hospital site.

Posted by ChicagoismynewBlog! on January 12, 2010

So tonight is the public meeting to go over plans for the redevelopment of the old Lincoln Park Hospital and its site, located at 550 W. Webster Avenue. The meeting will start at 6:30PM in Lincoln Park High School, located at 2001 N. Orchard Street in Chicago.  Now, if you’ve ever been to a public meeting, especially a meeting that deals with a proposed development, the crazy’s come out like werewolves to a full moon.  I plan on going to show my support for the redevelopment…and of course to take in the spectacle.

Check out the plans with photos by clicking HERE!

I am 100% in favor of the plans for the old hospital for a number of reasons.  I actually think the plans are quite nice and look a million times better than what is currently there.  I also like that the developer plans to re-use the two major buildings and the neighboring (and extremely ugly) parking garage and turn them into something that is actually used and contributes to creating a neighborhood.  Now this is just my opinion, but residents of a major city with high rises all around sound a bit ridiculous when they complain about a 6 and 12 story building and the “traffic” that they will create.  Didn’t the hospital create a TON of noise and traffic when it was open?

Photo courtesy of Crain’s Chicago Business
Photo courtesy of Crain’s Chicago Business



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