Hotel Cool in the Gold Coast at State and Rush Street. Lame name, cool building.

Posted by ChicagoismynewBlog! on November 3, 2009

Like the title says, I’m not a fan of the name but it’s safe to assume the name is very very preliminary.  I’m also not normally a fan of modern architecture but lately, I’ve been getting tired of Chicago’s boxy, beige, and bland new construction buildings that have been going up.  Granted, this proposed hotel IS boxy, but one out of three makes it fine.  I found the proposed Hotel Cool, designed by Laurence Booth of Booth Hansen, on The Burnham Plan Centennial website.  The website states:  “Urban hotels make visiting Chicago exciting and enlivening. While corridors and rooms provide the function, public spaces create the experience. Hotel Cool Chicago builds the rooms to form a large, high public space and garden on the second level, creating fresh views of the surrounding city. Bringing an ever-changing cast of characters together in a dynamic, energetic gathering room will keep people returning.”

What do you guys think of it?

Hotel Cool Chicago

Proposed Hotel Cool Chicago


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