The new Apple store to play a key role in the Clybourn Red Line station!

Posted by ChicagoismynewBlog! on November 1, 2009

Doors will open on the right at the Apple stop

By: Thomas A. Corfman October 26, 2009

The North and Clybourn station on the CTA’s Red Line may become the iStop.

In exchange for Apple Inc. spending more than $4 million to renovate the scruffy station, the Chicago Transit Authority gave the maker of MacBooks and iPhones first dibs on naming rights, if the agency decides to go that route. It’s apparently the first such deal ever by the cash-strapped CTA. Apple also gets the exclusive right to buy all the ad space in the station, at 1555 N. Clybourn Avenue.

The CTA has been considering naming-rights agreements since at least 2005, but the idea is seemingly getting another look as President Richard Rodriguez scrambles to avoid hiking fares and cutting services to cover next year’s projected budget deficit of $178 million. A CTA spokeswoman did not respond to questions.

Cities nationwide are increasingly looking at corporate sponsorships to ease budget woes. The risk to the CTA is that slapping corporate logos on stations could confuse riders and cheapen the city’s image, and make only a small dent in the massive financial problems….

Check out the full Crain’s Chicago Business article by clicking HERE!  From driving by the construction zone, you can see the general design of the store, which is different from the picture below.  So far, I like where they’re going with it but I hope they keep it very light, open, and covered in glass.


Hopefully VERY preliminary plans...


2 Responses to “The new Apple store to play a key role in the Clybourn Red Line station!”

  1. Gary said

    The rendering you show is from a design contest I held earlier this year on, hoping to obtain innovative designs for the sorta-triangular piece of land that Apple had available. In this south-looking view, the CTA building and pizza parlor are to the left. The other side of this unofficial proposal was a broadsweep of glass–very neat!

  2. Eric M said

    I think you meant “to the right,” Gary. 🙂

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