Old being turned into new in the West Loop’s Igoe Building.

Posted by ChicagoismynewBlog! on October 18, 2009

I just read from Skyscraperpage‘s ‘spyguy’ that the Igoe Building, located at 600 W. Van Buren Street in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood, is being renovated…but for office or residential?!  When researching the background of the name, either the Igoe Building was named after a printer or was named after James T. Igoe, a former U.S. representative who was as Chicago’s city clerk from 1917 – 1923 and was later chairman of the executive committee of Chicago.  For the past year, whenever I’ve gone past this building, I’ve thought the the Igoe Building would make a great loft condo building because of the massive windows but we’ll see.  The 285,900 square foot former industrial turned loft office building already has a Panera Bread opening up on the ground floor.


Plans for a fully renovated Igoe Building.


Current look of the Igoe Building.


One Response to “Old being turned into new in the West Loop’s Igoe Building.”

  1. Patrick said

    Fearless Radio also moved into that building in the spring

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