Little Mel’s Place on 18th Street in Pilsen opened by a great, young couple!

Posted by ChicagoismynewBlog! on August 22, 2009

After a second time eating at Little Mel’s Place, located at 1800 S. Jefferson Street, in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, I realized I should have posted about this place after my first visit.  I’m all about no frills places where I can actually leave full and satisfied for not much money and where I know I’m contributing to a small neighborhood restaurant.  A very nice, young couple were the ones to open up Little Mel’s and they will also be the ones to take your order and cook your delicious food…plus, they happily took my townhome brochures which was extra cool.

Both times I visited, I was lame and got the same thing but I swear I only did so because it was so good.  I ordered a double bacon cheeseburger meal which includes a drink and fries.  Let me tell you, the burger was massive and with the pickle spear, lettuce, tomato and onion, I could have died a happy man right there.  BUT, I’m not one to turn down these fries because they taste similar to McDonalds fries but are a bit bigger.  I also skipped the pop and went with a large strawberry shake which was perfect for the 95 degree day.  All of this set me back a little over $7.00…not bad for being able to fill me up.  Kudos Little Mel’s, kudos.

Little Mel's Place

Thanks to “Yelper” Southside S. for the photo of Little Mel’s.  I couldn’t find any picture of the place.


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