A taste of Latin America at Lito’s Empanadas in Lincoln Park! (5/5 Stars)

Posted by ChicagoismynewBlog! on August 10, 2009

I LOVE LITO’S EMPANADASLito’s, which is located in a small storefront at 2566 N. Clark Street in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.  I first started making my own empanadas after seeing a recipe in my high school Spanish book…random I know…so when I saw Lito’s open up, I immediately went in to check it out.  If you’re driving by, you may easily miss the restaurant because of its small presence from the street.  Inside, there’s only a small bar with about five stools to eat at making Lito’s good for carry-out. 

Whenever I go, I order one ‘Beef’ which includes ground beef, olives, raisins, potato, tomato and onion ($2.29), one ‘Chicken’ which has chicken, rice, tomato and onion ($2.19) and one ‘BBQ Chicken’ which is made with slow-cooked BBQ chicken and potatoes ($2.29).  One is a snack, two can make me content, but I always get three so I can enjoy my uncomfortable fullness.

According to their website, Lito’s now delivers and caters their empanadas which range from sweet (Choco-Banana), savory (Beef and Rice), and even vegetarian empanadas…all for a pretty awesome price.  I have to give props for their marketing efforts because I constantly see articles on them in places like the Red-Eye and Time Out Chicago.




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