Uncomfortably full, but so good at Texas De Brazil! (5/5 Stars)

Posted by ChicagoismynewBlog! on July 4, 2009

I randomly signed up for Texas De Brazil’s eClub program and they emailed me a buy one dinner, get one free for their all you can eat dinners.  Texas De Brazil, located at 51 E. Ohio Street, is one of two prominant Brazilian steakhouses in Chicago, Brazzaz is the other. 

The concept of Texas De Brazil is that you have a harvest table which is full of vegetables, types of salads, cheeses, small dishes, sushi, and much more.  This table is basically an all you can eat buffet.  BUT, I don’t like to waste my time on this “filler” table.  Texas De Brazil gives each person at the table a two sided token.  Flip the token to the green side, the servers bombard you with different cuts of meat, ranging from shrimp to filet mignon.  Flip the token to the red side, and the servers ignore you until you switch back to green.  And if you actually have room in your stomach for dessert, a friend and I tried their bananas foster and key lime pie and they were both amazing.

Texas De Brazil is huge, I’m talking about two stories tall and seating for what seems like 1,000 people.    Prices are not cheap, that’s why I only go here when I have a buy one dinner, get one free coupon.  Plus, you literally have to prepare your body so you can accommodate this much food.  STILL, I highly recommend you pay a visit at least once because Texas De Brazil knows how to cook amazing food.




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