It’s that time again, 2nd Friday’s art walk with Union Row Townhomes!

Posted by ChicagoismynewBlog! on June 10, 2009

This Friday, Belgravia Group’s Union Row Townhomes will partner up with an art gallery called Logsdon 1909 for this month’s 2nd Friday’s art walk.  Everyone is going to meet up at Union Row’s model home, located at 644 W. 16th Street, at 7pm for some wine and then around 730pm we’ll all walk over to Logsdon 1909 for our private gallery showing.

These 2nd Friday’s art walks are located in the Chicago Arts District.  At these art walks, dozens of different galleries open their doors to the public where you can literally walk in and take a look at some pretty unique art.  Sometimes, the galleries will even have some more wine and food for visitors.

The event is totally free which is a perfect excuse to invite your friends and family…plus the weather is supposed to be really nice…another reason to go.  If you do plan on stopping by, give Union Row a call at 312-829-4600.



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