A new parking garage…a new GREEN parking garage in River North.

Posted by ChicagoismynewBlog! on June 6, 2009

Located at 60 W. Kinzie Street, the Greenway Self Park Garage is currently under construction in Chicago’s River North neighborhood with a completion date for mid 2009.  Now that I think of it, it’s already mid 2009 so I guess the completion date has been pushed back a bit.  Developed by Friedman Properties, the Greenway Self Park Garage has many exciting green elements including six wind turbines, which will provide electricity for all exterior lighting, even adding excess electricity to the city power grid.  Other green features include a green roof, rain cisterns, a bike room, and six plug-in stations for electric vehicles on the first few floors. has a lot of information about the Greenway Self Park Garage…check out their site by clicking here.

Green Way Parking Garage


Close-up of the wind turbines.



3 Responses to “A new parking garage…a new GREEN parking garage in River North.”

  1. Nora said

    Hi Jeff, I am the marketing director for the new greenway self park and I wanted ot thank you for highlighting our property on your awesome blog! Wondering if you’d like to do a follow up post, and get a private tour when the property is ready to open. Contact me at 312-274-2163. Thanks!

  2. steve said

    Seriously! Did you have any one working on this project that was not brain dead? Who recommended that you install vertical axis wind turbines in a recessed corner on an elevation of the building? If the only purpose of the wind turbines is to be some form of industrial art work, then I guess you succeeded.
    Just curious, who many KW Hours per month are they producing??
    Who’s idea was that? Bovis??? HOK??

    • ChicagoismynewBlog! said

      So are you saying you like the parking garage? Haha. I have no idea in terms of answers to your questions… Does anyone know?

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