So who dropped the ball on having a consistant paint color for Aqua?

Posted by ChicagoismynewBlog! on May 25, 2009

While perusing different message boards such as SkyscraperPage and SkyscraperCity, I noticed that some of Aqua’s top floors are a totally different color of white from the rest…and it sticks out like a sore thumb.  Even with this white elephant in the room, pun definitely intended, I still love how Aqua has turned out. 

Aqua is topped out at 80 stories, meaning it wont get any taller, but it still has some work to be done on the inside and the outside.  Aqua, a mixed use building whose sales center is located at 430 E. Waterside Drive, will have retail and apartments in the lower portion of of the building with condos on the upper floors.  The Fairmont Chicago intended to expand its hotel into the first 15 floors of Aqua but recently pulled out of the deal leaving a pretty large chunk of the building vacant.

For any questions regarding the sales of Aqua’s condominiums, give them a call at 312-493-8200.  For rental questions, call 312-278-2782.





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