A great urban park ruined…luckily Hotel Palomar looks cool.

Posted by ChicagoismynewBlog! on May 10, 2009

I am a huge fan of urban green space and honestly, Chicago doesn’t have near enough…but as soon as Mayor Daley makes some headway, it’s basically lost right away.  In River North, there are a million empty and underutilized lots but it seems that with every new development that comes along, they either demolish a historic building or build on what little green space there already is. 

Hotel Palomar, located at 505 North State Street and developed by the John Buck Company, replaced a widely used and beautiful urban park.  I guess we’re just lucky that Hotel Palomar is turning out quite nicely and the added density looks great.  When complete, Hotel Palomar will be have a 259-room, 4-star hotel, 121 condo units, and a Kimpton restaurant fronting State Street.  Enjoy the plans for Hotel Palomar and there will definitely be updated pictures right after this entry is posted.

Palomar park

Public park which was replaced by Hotel Palomar.





One Response to “A great urban park ruined…luckily Hotel Palomar looks cool.”

  1. I think now it looks really nice, I like this type of photos. Thanks.

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