Amazing plans for Grand Station Condominiums in River West.

Posted by ChicagoismynewBlog! on May 5, 2009

Grand Station Condominiums is a proposed transit oriented development by Paramount Homes that will be located at the intersection of Grand, Milwaukee, and Halsted Streets in the River West neighborhood.  Paramount Homes has three other transit oriented developments either completed or in the works such as Polk Street Station, a row home and condo development in the Printers Row neighborhood.  According to their website, Grand Station Condominiums is in the pre-development phase and does not have a concrete timeline for delivery which, to me, is unfortunate because the plans will make such a positive change to the intersection.  For some reason, someone had the bright idea to paint the entire block a blue/gray color.

This article from Today’s New Homes publication goes more in depth about Grand Station and other transit oriented developments from Paramount Homes.  According to the article, Grand Station will have 144 homes on 12 floors in addition to 18K square feet of retail space.   Paramount Homes will build a handicap accessible entrance for the Grand Blue Line stop and will also donate the site’s borders for landscaping, wider sidewalks, and bike racks.  While reading about Grand Station Condominiums, I found that the types of homes offered in the development are different everywhere I look so we will have to find out when this project moves further along.







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