Proposed Addison Park on Clark right across from Wrigley Field

Posted by ChicagoismynewBlog! on April 12, 2009

News of Addison Park on Clark came out awhile back but was recently revamped because of a bunch of drama from the Lakeview/Wrigleyville neighborhood.  It seems like not even a 3 flat can get approved without some bored citizen complaining about it. 


Addison Park on Clark is a proposed mixed-use development from M&R Development, located at Addison and Clark Streets, with plans for 140 apartments overlooking Addison and a 137 room hotel overlooking Clark.  All of this will sit atop a 47 foot tall platform which includes 509 parking spots and expanded retail.  Addison Park on Clarkwill seek LEED certification, and by the looks of it, a green roof with a lot of trees and plantings.  I am a huge fan of green roofing so as soon as I saw these plans, I was immediately excited.


Addison Park on Clark’s website brags about creating hundreds of temporary and permanent jobs, as well as $10M a year in state and local tax revenue.  Plus, I believe the overall streetscape will be improved dramatically.  Right now, the sidewalks are too narrow for the amount of foot traffic, there is no landscaping, and the site is completely underutilized for being across the street from one of the world’s most famous baseball fields.  If you haven’t guessed by now, ChicagoismynewBlog is 100% in favor of this development!

Old Plans

Old Plans


6 Responses to “Proposed Addison Park on Clark right across from Wrigley Field”

  1. Brianne said

    beautiful but boooo to wrigley. 😉 GO CARDS

  2. Noah Gregoropoulos said

    The fight against this project is not “some bored citizen”, but the people who work and live in the area. The businesses that are slated to be kicked out and torn down, after defining this vibrant neighborhood for decades. Of course you are for it, you are a developer… you think tearing down a Mom and Pop business to put up a townhome is a beautiful thing. Some of us like the neighborhood the way it is… it is hopping year-round, with a lot of culture besides baseball… music, theater, food. The proposed projects CHANGES the existing zoning and makes everything taller… a green roof doesn’t make up for that. The new tenants would not be local and independent, but corporate chains. Just another suburban monstrosity killing urban character. No thanks.

    • ChicagoismynewBlog! said

      My opinion is that the small buildings that have defined the neighborhood for decades are now obsolete and underutilized and can be used for something much better. Not only do we live in a huge city, but this land is located across the street from a MLB stadium and next to mass transit so having a massive piece of land occupied by a 7-11 with a parking lot, empty lots, and some measly one story buildings is ridiculous and will do nothing to help the neighborhood move forward and improve.

      No matter what, it’s pretty doubtful that people on either side of the issue will change their viewpoints.

  3. Chaz Allen said

    The block they wish to destroy is far from vacant. There are plenty of lots in the area that could be demolished and no one would shed a tear, like the ugliness of McDonald’s and Taco Bell…. get rid of that. It’s not pretty.

    • ChicagoismynewBlog! said

      When you look at the entire site of where this development will be built on, at least half is comprised of vacant and underutilized lots. I just feel as though the current use is ridiculous seeing as though these lots are across the street from one of the most famous and most visited MLB stadiums in the country. This site is also next to a widely used mass transit system and is located in a neighborhood that is highly populated and is teaming with people 24/7.

      I agree with you on the McDonalds and Taco Bell sites though. But since both do so much business and their companies hold onto sites mostly because of property values, I doubt they’ll be going anywhere for decades to come.

  4. Jim said

    The neighborhood is overwhelmingly AGAINST this development, particularly due to the loss of Wrigleyville staples iO and Goose Island. Servers making good money can look forward to minimum-wage jobs at big box stores. The local tone will go from small businesses to Best Buy. Oh, but we’ll have a parking lot underground and some new trees! Sorry, not buying it. I guarantee that beautiful new development will be a graffiti and egg magnet.

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