Chicago 2016 lighting on Aqua. Amazing!

Posted by ChicagoismynewBlog! on April 7, 2009

Aqua, the 83 story commercial, apartment, and condo building in Chicago’s Lakeshore East neighborhood, was used as a canvas for some pretty unique lighting while the United States Olympic Committee was visiting Chicago for its 2016 olympic bid.  Thank you to “spyguy” over at Skyscrapercity for these amazing pictures.  I have no clue what Aqua’s lighting is going to look like when the building is fully completed, but I hope half as good as this. 






2 Responses to “Chicago 2016 lighting on Aqua. Amazing!”

  1. Brianne said

    wow that’s beautiful!!!

  2. ianbarnett said

    Pretty cool! Been to Chicago a few times on business and have never had a chance to stay and walk the city… always flying in and out. It’s too bad… from what I have experienced its a great city with lots to do! Great pics!

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