Forno Diablo = fire oven? Eh, I have no idea. (3/5 stars)

Posted by ChicagoismynewBlog! on April 5, 2009

Forno Diablo is located at 433 W Diversey Parkway.  The restaurant has a great outdoor eating area for the Chicago summers, and inside, the restaurant has plenty of tables and a row of oversized booths along the side wall.  The atmosphere inside the restaurant is, dare I say, pretty sexy.  Forno Diablo is decorated with deep reds everywhere, the tables and booths are a rich, dark color, and the lights are always low….but not so low that you can’t see where the bathroom is. 

I’ve gone to Forno Diablo twice now, once with friends, and the other time with my mom and sister.  When you sit down at your table, you are given complimentary parmesan cheese, olive oil, and bread to keep you occupied until your food comes out.  For my first visit, I ordered their margherita pizza then switched to their pancetta and arugula pizza for my second visit.  The pizzas came out with delicious toppings and a perfectly cooked, thin crust each time.  I even had enough for leftovers the next day.  Service was great for my first visit but for my second visit, the service was so terrible that it HAD to have been a fluke.  Our waitress was horrible to the point where we didn’t even leave a single penny as a tip.  I can’t remember the exact prices but Forno Diablo is definitely affordable.




2 Responses to “Forno Diablo = fire oven? Eh, I have no idea. (3/5 stars)”

  1. Gerrit said

    Well, I can understand being upset about bad service but leaving nothing and saying nothing does … nothing. You should let a manager know before leaving that you were dissatisfied with the service. This is the best way of handing things and can be done quickly and discretely if approached correctly. Usually you will be given the bill by the manager with a discount and can leave 10-15% without guilt because you know she needs to tip out to the bartender, host, bussers, ect at the end of the night and you covered them but let her managers know that she may not be the representative they want dealing with their customers on the front lines. Just my two cents on the no penny tip. – I have waited tables and bartended for 8 years. I have seen too many waiters/waitresses skate by just getting bad tips.

  2. Lisa said

    I’ve reached my limit of kindness …. I have never recieved any bread, oil or chees and have been to Forno on five separate occasions. On the first two were when they first opened so I’m always forgiving on a new restaurant until they get all the glitches. But is been a while now and on the last three visit something has gone wrong. On visit number 1 with my Fiancé the service was lacking on a slow night which always irks me. Shouldn’t the service be better when the restaurant in not supper busy. Guess not! On visit number two with my friend we both ordered pizza and no matter where I am I always ask for my pizza to be well done so it is hot. Yes, I’m one of those people who like my food HOT. Both of are pizzas come and while they are tasty, they are luke warm at best. We send them back and not even five minutes late they are back not any hotter just the plate is. I give up. We tell the waitress and she just flitters off to chat with her friends. Luckily the maitre d stopped by and we explained and he apologized which was nice and gave up pizzas to take home. Now those pizzas were so darn hot we couldn’t hold the boxes from the bottom. Now why couldn’t I get that in the first place? On to last night’s visit with my friend again and her husband, we ordered the Bruschetta for appetizer, meatball sandwich, chicken parm sandwich and a pizza again.
    Here’s where it went wrong: the chick pea bruschetta had brie cheese on it instead of having fresh mozzarella. The meatball hero and chicken parm both had red and yellow peppers on it. Even steak fries were covered in rosemary (branches of it) and sea salt and of course the pizza was cold after we specifically asked for it to be hot! Yes the food was ok but I expect when I order items from the menu that is how you get them. When we told the waiter all the items that were different he blamed the chefs and said they do whatever they want. That is such a ridiculous answer. Restaurants work for months perfecting the menu and it should be followed. If you’re going to get what the chef feels like then we don’t need a menu.
    Our waiter did take our three sodas off the check to apologize which was strange since that was the only thing right about the meal. I ’m done with inconsistent service and food as well and the ridiculous menu changes. There are too many other restaurants in the area that do it right and that’s where I will spend my money.

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