Ken Tones Drive-In in Pilsen (4.5/5 stars)

Posted by ChicagoismynewBlog! on April 3, 2009

So a few weeks ago, on the recommendation of my co-worker, I paid a visit to Ken Tones Drive-In.  They’re located at 551 W. 18th Street, at the intersection of 18th and Canalport, and this diner is always swarming with regulars.  I was told Ken Tones does, well…everything right, from breakfast to lunch.  Ken Tones Drive-In is open between 6AM – 5PM Monday through Friday and 6AM – 4PM on Saturdays which gives you plenty of time to visit.

I ordered:  2 hot dogs and fries ($2.25 each) and a small beef and vegetable soup ($2.35).  The owner told me their soups are homemade every morning and it tasted every bit like homemade soup…kudos to you Ken Tones.  I also have to admit that, even though I’ve lived in Chicago for about two years, I have never had a legitimate Chicago style hot dog.  I’ve been a devoted ketchup fan since I can remember but these hot dogs didn’t need an ounce of that “red stuff.”





2 Responses to “Ken Tones Drive-In in Pilsen (4.5/5 stars)”

  1. whats4lunch said

    That looks good, Chi-town knows their ‘dogs.

  2. Brianne said

    oh my goodness…hot dogs are my secret shame! they look delicious!

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