Don’t you just love it when plans come together? (4/5 stars)

Posted by ChicagoismynewBlog! on April 3, 2009

My friend James had been trying to persuade Tom, Melody, Anna, and I to go to this restaurant called Rinconcito Sudamericano, a place that he had been with his fam.  Well, he finally got us to go but I honestly don’t know why we were so weirded out by the idea of going to a Peruvian restaurant.  I’m glad we finally went, and to tell you the truth, I can’t wait to go back again…hear that James?  After many years at another location, Rinconcito Sudamericano moved to its new spot alongside their sister restaurant, Rios D’Sudamerica, at 2010 W. Armitage Avenue.

I ordered:  Aji de Gallina which is shredded chicken, walnut cream, and Peruvian spices served with white rice ($14.00).  Just mix it all together and it tastes amazing.  Plus, you get so much that you’ll only be able to eat half of the plate, leaving enough for lunch the next day.

Tom ordered:  Tallarin Verde con Apanado which is sautéed spaghetti in a pesto sauce with basil and spinach, served with a breaded tender steak and grilled potato ($16.00).  I had a bite and it was really good.

James and Melody ordered:  Lomo Saltado which is sautéed tender beef, onion, tomatoes and fried potatoes served with rice ($15.00).  James’ parents, who were born and raised in Peru, love this restaurant so you know it’s legit Peruvian food.

Forgive me Anna, but I have no idea what you ordered…I’m assuming something with seafood though.



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