Broadway 3030…hopefully.

Posted by ChicagoismynewBlog! on April 2, 2009

Broadway 3030 is a joint-development with JFJ Development Company and Dionysus Development that will contain a brand new Dominick’s, other retail spaces, and condominiums, located at…you guessed it…3030 N. Broadway Avenue.  The development will replace the huge vacant lot that was left after the old Dominick’s was destroyed by fire in the summer of 2005.  I’m really excited about this new development but I just wish it started two years ago so I could take advantage of it.  Yeah there are other grocery stores within walking distance, but it’s either too expensive, or you have to walk a mile to the others…not much fun.  Huge thanks to ‘BFA’ on SkyscraperCity for the fire pictures.



The condos range from a 1 bed starting at 317K to a huge 3 bed going all the way up to 1.284MM.  The building will have a huge 2 storey lobby, 24 hour doorman, expansive fitness center, and the thing that I like the most, a 1/4 acre green roof on the 3rd floor.  All information is taken from Broadway 3030’s website.

The design has caused a bit of drama around the neighborhood too.  I actually like the building, big, modern, lots of glass, and extremely useful.  Broadway 3030 opened up their sales center right across the street, and lately, I have noticed that the sales center has been constantly closed with their blinds drawn.  Hmmm. that doesn’t sound great for sales, but I’m still confident the project will proceed.


Just an empty lot now...


tah dah!


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