Chen’s Chinese, Sushi, & Sake Lounge (4/5 Stars).

Posted by ChicagoismynewBlog! on March 29, 2009

After work today, I got together with four other friends, Tom, Melody, James, and Anna.  The girls ordered from Chen’s, the guys ordered Philly’s Best.  I’ve ordered delivery from Chen’s multiple times because their food reminds me of a place from back in the DeKalb/NIU days.  Their restaurant is in Wrigleyville at 3506 N. Clark Street.

Melody’s order:  Crab Rangoon ($4.95), General Tao’s Chicken ($11.95 – kinda pricey for asian take-out), and a California maki roll ($4.50).  “The crab rangoon was excellent” – thanks for the riveting statement Melody.

Anna’s order:  Spider maki roll ($6.95), shrimp tempura maki roll ($6.50).

Chen’s is a sister restaurant with Koi whose location is chilling in Evanston.  Thanks to their website for the pics of Chen’s and their information!  One last thing, I still get a kick out of them telling me my address right when I call…it makes me feel like a fat pig but in a…good way?




2 Responses to “Chen’s Chinese, Sushi, & Sake Lounge (4/5 Stars).”

  1. Brianne said

    mmmmmm still the best Chinese i’ve had!!!

  2. melody said

    thanks for making me look like a fat pig with that order! haha 🙂

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